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Ancient History for Kids: An Activity Guide for Art, Science and Archeology  (tentative title)

Ancient History for Kids: An Activity Guide for Art, Science and Archeology provides a creative curriculum for children to enjoy learning history. The wonders and ways of the Ancient World are introduced in an interactive format. Ancient History introduces people around the world and encourages discussing problems that they have faced throughout the centuries.


This activity guide, with twenty-five chapters from Cave Art to Ancient Romans, can be used at home for a two hour session or expanded to a homeschool or class setting for 1-2 weeks for a school year.


Each chapter includes text, pictures, a project (most materials available  at home), creative writing prompt, suggestions for further exploration, etc. In the back is a glossary and appendices with resources for each chapter, such as read-aloud books, and travel suggestions, including national parks, museums and road trips.

*I am hoping to find a publisher in 2021!



When our daughter, Renee, was young, I looked for a way to spend time together. We already enjoyed reading books aloud as a family most evenings. I wanted to create opportunities to discuss questions about the wonders of this world.


Renee loved to draw and make art. She could think in 3D and then make a project. Though I had recently received a graduate degree in history that focused on China and the United States, I knew I had a lot more to learn about the world. Why not combine our two interests?

I made my first chart (topics, texts, activities, story, project) after looking at activity books and library books. Over six years we studied cave art to Ancient Romans, Middle Ages through Renaissance, and 17th century to 1989. I grew in my arts and crafts skills and she appreciated history combined with art, science, creative writing, dress-up, etc.


On many Saturday mornings we sat on the couch together, with the various resources (books with pictures, games, puzzles, etc.) spread in a semicircle on the rug.  We discussed questions as they arose. She waited in anticipation to know what the project of the day would be.

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