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Artist in the midst of two storms


Albrecht Dürer influenced art and media throughout Europe as strongly as Martin Luther influenced people’s views of life, death and their relationship to God. Dürer’s art and writing reveal how this creative and thoughtful man responded to the changes offered by Luther.

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Salt and Light presents the life stories of outstanding Chinese Christians who, as early modernizers, promoted China’s nation building and moral progress in the early twentieth century.

Lively anecdotes and photographs highlight the strong character of ten pioneers in the modern professions of education, medicine, journalism and diplomacy.

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"Patriots" or "Traitors"?

This book offers insight into the love-hate relationship between the United States and China by examining the experience of Chinese students caught between the two countries. American–educated Chinese have considered themselves patriots because they studied in the West in order to return home to build a strong and prosperous China. However when they returned they were often accused of being traitors who advocated Western ideals.

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